Navigating university life in the 21st century means you already have the upper hand. This is all thanks to the boundless expanse of the internet. Whether you’re seeking tips and tricks to help you survive and thrive throughout uni or trying to figure out your finances, student websites offer up a treasure trove of insight. Here, you can find a curated collection of 26 best websites catering to students at every stage of their university journey. 

General student websites

Health & wellbeing websites

Study & academics

Shopping and money-saving websites

Food and drink websites

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General student websites

Although there are so many particular topics you might be searching for online, it’s helpful to have a website that joins them all together. In this section, find website recommendations that combine all your favourite topics and provide great communities for building connections. You can find information about managing living in student housing, top-rated travel apps, details about local hotspots, and so much more. 

1. The Mix

Targeted at under 25, The Mix is just as the name states, holding a little of everything. It’s the perfect website for finding whatever you’re searching for, from housing to travel. 

2. Campus Well

Campus Well is an online magazine offering excellent articles on several different topics. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to deal with flatmates or debating between booking with Uber or Bolt, you can find the answers here. 

3. The Student Room

Hosting a vibrant online community offering forums, articles, and resources, the Student Room provides a platform for students to connect, share experiences, and seek guidance from peers and experts alike.

4. Student Hut

Student Hut lays out a wealth of advice on various aspects of student life, from campus facilities to extracurricular activities. As a bonus, the website has excellent aesthetics that keep you returning for more. 

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Health & wellbeing websites

Amidst lectures, part-time jobs and other stressors, your physical health and mental wellbeing are the most important. They stand out as the foundations for your success and overall experience in university. That’s why Study Inn has compiled some of the most valuable websites to read up on how to keep your health and well-being in peak condition. 

1. NHS Student Health

NHS (National Health Service) is a reputable source for any questions you may have regarding health concerns. Here, you can find information on common illnesses like the flu, sexual health, mental health support – the list goes on. 

2. Student Minds

Tailor-made for students’ mental health, Student Minds offers training to help you “look after your mates”. Community is a big part of their brand; there’s always someone to talk to. 

 3. Student Space

Run by Student Minds, Student Space is centred around active student support. The website can help you determine what support is available at your university and equip you with trusted services and advice to aid you on your student journey.

4. Good Thinking

Sometimes, the weight on your shoulders can feel a bit too much, and that’s when you want somebody to talk to. Good thinking promotes positive mental health – specifically targeted at Londoners – by connecting you with expert advice. 

5. Kooth

Designed to provide anonymous support, Kooth offers a safe space for young adults. Offering more than mental health forums and professional advice, Kooth equips you with valuable tools like their “Kooth goals” and “Kooth journal” features that allow you to track your progress along your mental health journey.

6. Mind

A final website for mental well-being, Mind is a mental health charity dedicated to addressing unique challenges a diverse range of people faces. Although they do not specialise in student challenges specifically, they provide a wide range of advice and support. With crisis resources, helplines and an A-Z guide on mental health matters, it is valuable for learning more about specific topics. So, if you feel that your struggle differs from those around you, head over to Mind. 

Study & academics

Essay writing and research don’t have to feel like such a burden. Writing can become much more enjoyable with an extensive range of online tools. From advanced research databases to lightning-speed writing aids, the array of resources helps elevate students’ academic skills and efficiency. This section shows off the most helpful study and educational websites that will both assist in boosting your academic knowledge and helping you to write more effectively. 

1.Google Scholar

There’s no need to walk through the rain to get to the library when you have Google Scholar. The website offers scholar-grade articles, books and more – making it invaluable for building a solid reference list. 

2. Grammarly 

With responsible AI, Grammarly helps students improve overall writing quality. It is a valuable academic assistant to detect grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. 

3. Speak4Me

Perhaps you are an auditory learner or don’t have much time to sit and read; this is where Speak4Me becomes your helping hand. Turn your textbooks and notes into spoken word so you can listen to them on the go. 

4. Unriddle

If you’ve ever wished you could shrink your textbooks or read them faster, Unriddle will be your go-to. Summarise your key texts in a way that’s easy to understand with the website, and start writing your essays.

5. Notion

Even when you have all the great study websites in your back pocket, organising your studies is just as important. Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan and organise your uni life. 

6. Cite This For Me

Writing essays and working on reports proves to be challenging for most students. Now throw in the need to cite all your included research, and the work becomes seemingly impossible – especially for first-year students. This website generates citations and cross-checks for plagiarism, helping to lift the workload.

Your question now might be, “Which is the best study website?”. Unriddle stands out as it compresses your most essential textbooks. University can be stressful with mountains of text to read and insufficient time to get through them all. That’s why Unriddle is perfect: it helps you maximise your time and efficiency. 

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Shopping and money-saving websites

Navigating student life can be difficult enough as it is without the notorious student budget standing in your way. Making sure your money is spread responsibly across needs like rent, groceries, social life, and everything in between can be overwhelming. Learning to manage your finances effectively is vital to your growth and success. This section pinpoints some of the most valuable websites to help students with financial management and advice. 

1. Save The Student

In addition to student discounts and budgeting advice, Save the Student offers guides on other student finance topics, such as loans and general finance. 

2. UniDays

Rake in your student discounts from technology to restaurants with UniDays. Current students can sign up for free by simply uploading their student ID. 

3. StudentBeans

Maximise student discounts by signing up to StudentBeans. With the same sign-up process as UniDays, you can gain access to a range of dreamy deals. 

4. The Scholarship Hub

Finding scholarships and funding opportunities has never been so simple. The Scholarship Hub is an excellent website with valuable information on navigating the financial aid process and other financial support targeted at students. 

5. Money Helper

Although managing money seems simple, losing track of expenses is easy. Money Helper is ideal for gaining knowledge on budgeting and keeping track of spending during uni. 

To sum up the financial recommendations, UniDays is the most useful website. Saving money during your study period is highly beneficial, and UniDays doesn’t lack when it comes to providing active deals to attain significant savings. 

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Food and drink websites

Some of the best memories made during uni are the moments shared with friends. Going out to eat or crafting homemade meals together is always a treat. However, cooking can be challenging for some, and eating well can be tricky with a busy schedule. In this section are websites that highlight simple recipes you can learn and where to find any cultural foods you’re searching for. 

1.The Student Food Project

Cooking while in uni can sometimes seem daunting, but fear not. The Student Food Project boasts a wide array of easy-to-make recipes specifically for and made by students. 

2. Nutrition Foundation

Looking after your body is vital because it does so much for you. That’s why the Nutrition Foundation is the ideal website to find out what your body needs and which stores you can find your uni food essentials. 

3. Uni Crew

Looking for an excellent place to have a drink on a night out? Uni Crew helps you to find the perfect student bar near you. 

4. The Spaza Shop

If you’re an international student desperate for a taste of home, head over to The Spaza Shop’s website to find a variety of African household essentials that will make you feel closer to home. 

5. The Halal Food Shop

Finding a Halal store in your area can be challenging, but with The Halal Food Shop, you can browse for all your favourite products and be guaranteed they’re Halal. Better yet, same or next-day delivery is the brand’s standard. 

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Improve your student experience with Study Inn

Navigating newfound freedoms, social obligations, academic hardships, and personal growth can be a terrifying whirlwind. That’s why students need as much support available to them as possible. During this pivotal point in a student’s life, Study Inn aims to act as a pillar of support. Our accommodation services make for comfortable living while navigating university life, and not only that but a nurturing environment as well. With friendly staff who are always willing to help and a great community within our serviced apartments, Study Inn provides a fantastic environment for students to feel at ease during university.