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Gowri Ramesh

Gowri is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Content Writer with a passion for storytelling and brand building. Currently pursuing an MSc in Digital Marketing at the University of Exeter, Gowri's expertise extends far beyond textbooks, with over 3 years of hands-on experience in the field.

Her proactive nature and zest for exploration aren't confined to her professional pursuits. At the university, Gowri serves as the student academic representative for business management and is an active member of the Women in Business Society. She has also contributed to various student committees and campaigns, showcasing her dedication to leadership and advocacy.

Outside of work and academia, Gowri is a dedicated traveller. She enjoys immersing herself in different cultures, exploring historical landmarks, and connecting with nature. Animals hold a special place in her heart, leading her to volunteer at a puppy foster-care non-profit organisation in India.

Gowri's passion for self-expression extends to dance, where she serves both as an instructor and a learner. Dancing has been her creative outlet since childhood, allowing her to convey emotions through movement.

Excited to bring her expertise to Study Inn, Gowri aims to empower and inspire others with her practical insights.