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Thea Dubois

Thea is a passionate graphic designer and content creator dedicated to expanding brands and captivating larger audiences through her creativity. Currently completing a BFA in Fine Arts at Loughborough University, she eagerly anticipates embarking on an MA in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins UAL.

With a rich professional background, Thea has amassed three years of experience as the lead content creator and head designer at two ed-tech startups—one based in the Middle East/USA and the other in London. Her journey in content creation and digital marketing has been marked by innovation and success.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Thea's multicultural background has profoundly influenced her perspective. Having lived internationally in France, Italy, Germany, China, Singapore, and the UK, she has gained invaluable experience and insights into diverse cultures, nurturing a deep curiosity for people's stories.

Thea actively engages in volunteer work with charity organizations in Asia, notably the Heart to Heart Foundation and the Willing Hearts Foundation in China. She finds deep fulfilment in serving her community, providing meals to the elderly and bringing donations to underprivileged children in rural China.