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Nottingham is a wonderful city with many beautiful attractions and a long list of things to see and do, making it an ideal location for exciting and enjoyable student living.

We understand that many students will be heading to Nottingham for the first time to study this year, and will be unfamiliar with the city. If this sounds all too familiar, read through our Nottingham student city guide in order to learn about the cities hotspots, and make the most out of your time in Nottingham.

Things To Do

Nottingham is a beautiful city that offers a wide array of things to see and do, ranging from family days out to sports activities and a whole lot more. Whether you’re looking for the ideal site for a scenic walk, or the perfect spot to watch some sports, Nottingham has everything you could need.

Sports Centres

The city of Nottingham is home to more sports facilities per head than anywhere else in Europe, so if you’re a fan of spectator sports or an avid sports player yourself, Nottingham might be the perfect city for you. Home to the world famous cricket venue Trent Bridge, two different football stadiums, Nottingham tennis centre and a number of raceways, Nottingham is the ideal city for sports lovers.

The Outdoors

There’s much opportunity for adventure in the outdoors in Nottingham. The areas of Nottinghamshire surrounding the city provide the ideal setting for many rural walks and riverside rambles. Sherwood Forest creates great opportunity for cycling and walking, and the rural areas of Nottingham are home to bridleways and designated horse riding routes, so if you’re a fan of equestrian activities, Nottingham has you covered.


Nottingham has a huge number of attractions for you to explore throughout your time residing in the city. This historic city houses attractions dating back to the medieval era including the famous Nottingham castle, a labyrinth of Anglo Saxon caves beneath the city centre, Saint Mary’s church and a whole host of additional historic attractions.

Nottingham is also home to an array of galleries; a great place to hunt for these gems is the Lace market, which is home to the free modern art gallery Nottingham Contemporary, the fine art Fletcher Gate gallery and many more.

The city has no shortage of museums either, with more than 20 museums dotted about ready for you to explore. Nottingham’s museums include the Newark air museum, the National Justice museum, a variety of historical buildings important to Nottingham, and much more.

Places To Shop

As a bustling city, Nottingham is home to a selection of shopping centres and retail outlets, as well as independent businesses and local shops. If you’re an avid shopper, you’ll never be short of opportunity in Nottingham.

Intu Victoria Shopping Centre

The Intu Victoria shopping centre is located in the heart of Nottingham city, and houses over 120 stores. With shops including John Lewis, Outfit and House of Fraser, the Intu Victoria centre has a diverse array of stores to keep you busy shopping all day!

The Intu Victoria centre also homes the wonderful Clocktower dining area, where you’ll find a variety of restaurants, eateries and places to pick up a snack.

The Exchange

Opened on 22nd May 1929, The Exchange is the oldest shopping centre in Nottingham and has been retailing for over 85 years. The Exchange houses 19 different upscale stores providing designer clothing, jewellery, luxury home items and two notable eateries.

Around The City

Nottingham’s shopping centres aren’t the only places to do a bit of shopping. The city is scattered with a huge variety of stores including book stores, clothing stores, home stores and many more. Sometimes, the best shopping opportunities can be found when exploring the beautiful city.

Food & Drink

Nottingham has no shortage of places to eat and drink. With a variety of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Pubs & Bars

There are lots of pubs and bars around the city, providing the perfect setting for some wonderful evenings out with friends. Some of Nottingham’s most notable pubs and bars include Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, The Hand on Heart & The Bell Inn; offering unique settings to relax for a drink or a tasty meal.

Restaurants & Café’s

Nottingham has an endless selection of restaurants and cafes for every taste and every budget, so when you’re staying in the city you can take yourself on a delectable tour of the eateries available, and experience the many tastes that Nottingham’s restaurants have to offer.

International cuisine finds itself at home in Nottingham, with a variety of eateries offering food from all around the world. The city now homes the newly emerging’ curry quarter’ which holds a number of curry restaurants including MemSaab, The Cumin, Calcutta club and many more.

For a lighter bite to eat visit one of Nottingham’s many café’s, we recommend checking out the Alley Café Bar – a funky vegetarian eatery offering global tastes, the Fox Café – a unique café with great coffee and food, and great low prices to match, just to name a few.

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