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Welcome to Nottingham’s lively student community! As you begin your university adventure, one big decision awaits: private accommodation or student halls? We’re here to delve into the cost comparison and introduce you to the fantastic concept of all-inclusive private housing, offering more than just affordability. Get ready to uncover the best accommodation options in Nottingham and see how all-inclusive living can make your student experience even better!

Understanding the costs: student halls vs private accommodation

Student Halls

When it comes to choosing between student halls and private accommodation in Nottingham, a closer look at the costs can make all the difference. The average costs of Nottingham University’s student halls in the city typically range from £122 to £253 per week. On the other hand, private accommodation options present varying pricing trends, with a wider spectrum of choices to fit different budgets. For instance, luxury student accommodation Study Inn’s Platinum Ensuite Serviced Apartment in Talbot Street, Nottingham comes in at a similar cost to Cavendish Hall (university student halls), but with a whole host of additional extras, such as: 

  • Large square footage room with en-suite bathroom, comfy bed, wardrobe, superfast Wi-Fi, and a smart TV
  • Luxe Lounge living and kitchen areas are equipped with a 55-inch smart TV, games console and comfy sofas. These areas also have an expansive fully fitted shared kitchen with a private fridge/freezer and storage for each student, and all essential appliances and utensils 
  • Dedicated housekeeping team providing regular room cleaning service, along with towels and bed linen replacement, and bin collection
  • All-inclusive bills for added convenience
  • Wellness spa, gym, and yoga studio for relaxation and fitness
  • Study rooms to focus on academic pursuits
  • Big screen cinema for entertainment
  • Pool and table tennis for friendly competitions
  • Round-the-clock security for peace of mind
  • Industry-leading social events to foster a vibrant and inclusive community ambience.

As a resident of one of Study Inn’s apartments, students can gain special access to the stylish Luxe Lounge – a dynamic space designed for your leisure, social interactions, and entertainment. But here’s the best part: our exceptional housekeeping team ensures daily cleaning of the Luxe Lounge, letting you enjoy peaceful relaxation time with your friends!

Cheap student accommodation in Nottingham 

All these extras are all-inclusive, which means you won’t have to spend more of your student budget on gym memberships, cinema tickets and entertainment like pool and table tennis. Even our budget-friendly options (starting at £149) offer stunning en-suite rooms, a fitness studio and a games room at just £2 more than one of Nottingham’s cheapest student halls, Varsity (which doesn’t offer an en-suite). Plus, both our Talbot Street and Triumph House locations are just two minutes walk away from the Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham respective campuses — saving money on transport costs to lectures. 

Factors such as the location of the accommodation and the amenities provided can significantly impact the overall cost. By understanding these cost dynamics, you’ll be better equipped to make a well-informed decision that suits both your preferences and your pocket.

Additional advantages of private accommodation 

Study Inn Talbot Street student accommodation building, Nottingham
Study Inn Talbot Street, Nottingham

Private accommodation goes beyond individual rooms, creating vibrant communities within their buildings. Communal spaces become welcoming hubs for socialising and bonding, boasting a variety of amenities that encourage interactions among residents. From fully-equipped on-site gyms to foster fitness goals, to relaxing wellness spas and yoga studios for moments of tranquillity, private, luxury accommodation creates a balanced lifestyle where students can unwind and recharge. Private accommodation providers foster a strong sense of community within their buildings, organising regular social events and activities that bring students together.

 For instance, at Study Inn, industry-leading social events and communal spaces encourage interactions and create lasting friendships, making your stay more enjoyable and enriching. Our all-inclusive accommodation is designed to exceed your expectations. From superfast Wi-Fi, wellness spas, and a fully-equipped gym to a gaming console, your recreational needs are well taken care of. Add to this, your own fully-fitted kitchen and bedroom, and you’ve got a living space that feels just like home. Most importantly, with no hidden costs or unexpected surprises, budgeting becomes a breeze. It’s a perfect blend of saving money while enjoying a stress-free, hotel-like service.

The importance of a decent learning environment cannot be underestimated, especially when the library’s full. Study areas often included in private student accommodation offer quiet spaces for focused academic pursuits, providing students with the right atmosphere to excel in their studies without the need to travel to separate locations.

Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities for private accommodation providers like Study Inn, as we offer regular room and communal area cleaning services as part of our package, all without incurring extra charges. This convenient service means students can maintain a tidy living space, leaving them with more time to focus on their studies and social activities. Study Inn gives you the ultimate student living experience — a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, making it a choice you’ll appreciate from your first day to your last.

Responsible budgeting and financial planning

Students analysing their finances

Making sound financial decisions starts with responsible budgeting when choosing your accommodation. Utilise resources such as online budgeting tools or student finance advisors to create a realistic budget that factors in accommodation costs along with other living expenses.

While upfront costs may be a consideration, think long-term to assess the overall value for money. Private accommodation like Study Inn, with its all-inclusive offerings, may initially seem slightly higher in cost, but when you factor in the added amenities, regular cleaning services, and convenience, the benefits can outweigh the expenses over the course of your stay.

Nottingham accommodation for students

As a student, you’ll probably have many different cost considerations to make in terms of your specific lifestyle in comparison to your peers. But, from a budget-friendly perspective, private accommodation outshines student halls by providing a comprehensive living experience that combines comfort, community, and convenience. The added amenities, from on-site gyms to communal spaces and study areas, cater to students’ well-rounded lifestyle needs, while the inclusion of regular cleaning services fosters a comfortable and enjoyable living environment. When choosing your accommodation, private options like Study Inn stand out as an ideal choice for an enriching university experience.

Study Inn Triumph House student accommodation building, Nottingham
Study Inn Triumph House, Nottingham

If you’re thinking about booking one of our Nottingham locations this year, find out more about what each location offers here or enquire now for more information!