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Getting the most our of your broadband


Users acknowledge & understand:

  • All residents at Study Inn can access a free hyper optic broadband service available throughout their stay, our broadband service offers an affective service to adhere to our resident’s requirements;
  • Our Internet speed for all our sites is up to 1GbPS;
  • Our Internet service is symmetrical. This means that the upload and download speeds are the same. This is very important for uploading coursework and for Skype or similar video connection;
  • The most bandwidth hungry thing you can do is to stream high definition videos. We provide unlimited super-fast broadband which is 40 times faster than the speed needed to stream a 4k super high definition video;
  • Our broadband provider, GLIDE, provides a 24hr, 7 days per week, 365 days per year multilingual help desk to assist with any Internet problems;
  • We provide both hard wired and WIFI connectivity in the resident’s bedrooms and each resident may connect up to 6 devices;
  • Residents can connect to WIFI in all common areas of the building.



Don’t just take our word for it