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Nottingham radiates a warm, community spirit, underpinned by its myriad of unique local businesses, offbeat cafes, and distinctive shops. Who hasn’t heard of the famed Sherwood Forest, with its lush landscapes and the tales of Robin Hood? As a student, you’ll instantly feel part of this tapestry, especially with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent standing tall as two of the UK’s major universities. But I bet you’re wondering, is Nottingham an expensive place to live for students? Here we’ll take a look at the cost of living in Nottingham for students, from accommodation to nightlife and entertainment in the city. 

The Cost of Living for Students in Nottingham

Students going through their finances

Nottingham is one of the cheapest cities to live in as a student in the UK. In Nottingham, a student can expect to pay around £815 per month excluding tuition fees. This puts Nottingham behind pricier options like Edinburgh, where monthly student living costs average £950

Currently, a single fare on all buses in Nottingham costs just £2 for students, which is 50p less than the national average. Similarly, getting a single tram journey will set you back £2.20. If you’re choosing to stay in privately owned accommodation off campus, average prices for utilities like water, gas and electricity start at around £40+. A more cost-effective option is opting for university student halls — or even better, all-inclusive luxury student accommodation which saves money on extracurricular costs like spas and gyms too. 

How Much Is Student Accommodation in Nottingham?

Weekly rent in university-allocated student accommodation in Nottingham checks out at £103.32 – £183.54 (Nottingham Trent rent) and £92 – £185 (University of Nottingham rent). Most halls of residence have en-suite or shared bathroom options and some come with included sports facilities, but all student halls at Nottingham Trent are self-catered. 

When you’re deciding on your uni accommodation, there are other choices available outside of uni halls. There’s always an option of private rentals, which can vary quite drastically in price — between £115 and £300. Unlike halls and all-inclusive luxury student accommodations, private rentals often have separate charges for services like gas, electricity, water, and WiFi. If you’re considering a private rental in Nottingham, it’s wise to set aside approximately £60 monthly for these utilities.

Extra costs, like TV licenses, cinema tickets and gym membership can add up to over £170 on top of rental and utility fees. Private options such as Study Inn on Talbot Street and Triumph House offer a spectrum of prices with added amenities.

Students in the Luxe Lounge at Study Inn Talbot Street, Nottingham
Luxe Lounge at Study Inn

Study Inn’s Platinum Plus Ensuite Serviced Apartment, comparable in price to university accommodations, boasts of spacious en-suite rooms, a Luxe Lounge with a fully-equipped kitchen, smart TVs, and gaming facilities. Living here, students get exclusive entry to the chic Luxe Lounge, crafted specifically for relaxation, socialising, and fun. And the cherry on top? Our top-notch housekeeping staff keeps the Lounge spotless every day, so you can effortlessly unwind with your pals! Plus, students enjoy daily housekeeping, comprehensive utilities, a gym, study rooms, and exclusive community events, all included in the rent. With all these extras being all-inclusive, your student budget won’t have to stretch to gym memberships, cinema tickets, spa days and entertainment like table tennis or pool. 

Study Inn properties are strategically located within a two-minute walk from the main campus, further economising on transportation costs. Given these considerations, students can make informed choices that both provide comfort and don’t break the bank.

Is Nottingham Expensive for Food?

Nottingham luckily has many supermarket options from budget-friendly options like Lidl and Aldi to mid-range options like Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Grab a quick bite at a budget-friendly spot for average meal prices of roughly £12. If you’re up for a fancier dinner with a mate, you’re looking at about £50 for a three-course meal. And when you’re out and about, expect to shell out around £4 for a beer which is around 58p lower than the national average.  The average price for cocktails is £8 which is the same price as an average pint in London to spice up your evening.

What Is the Nottingham Night Life like for Students?

Students on a night out in Nottingham

With cheap pint prices, be sure to check out some of Nottingham’s pub and club haunts. Some popular student spots include the famously haunted Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (one of England’s oldest pubs) and the hip, post-industrial craft beer bar Junkyard for a range of stouts and fruity sours. 

Nottingham’s club scene is lively and varied. PRYZM is a top choice for many, with entry fees averaging £5-£10. However, student nights, like the sensational live music gigs at Rock City, often have discounted or even free entry before a certain time. One of the biggest clubs in Nottingham is Ocean Night Club which is student-only and hosts a fancy dress night every week for a guaranteed cheap night out. Born out of the 2021 lockdown, Unit 13 has quickly ascended the ranks to become one of Nottingham’s most sought-after club venues. Since its inception, the club has been graced by performances from renowned artists, including Gorgon City, Jax Jones, and Sub Focus, to name a few. While the venue hums with activity throughout the week, its signature event is the ‘Dirty Mondays’ (free tickets!) student night every week. Always keep an eye out for flyers around campus or check their official websites.

Nottingham: Is It Good for Students?

Nottingham, renowned for its cultural vibrancy, offers a diverse range of experiences suited to student budgets. From varied housing options, like the all-inclusive Study Inn with its plethora of amenities, to a student-friendly nightlife, the city strikes a balance between luxury and affordability. Study Inn stands out by providing added benefits like dedicated study areas, essential during crowded library hours, and regular cleaning services, ensuring a comfortable student life without extra costs.

However, individual experiences in Nottingham may vary based on personal budgets, lifestyle choices, and academic needs. While the city offers options to cater to different preferences, students’ choices in accommodation, social activities, and required academic resources can significantly influence their overall expenditure. Nonetheless, with thoughtful decisions, Nottingham can be a city where students flourish without straining their finances.

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