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One of the key factors contributing to Leicester’s appeal as a student city is its affordable cost of living. According to a recent survey conducted by Save the Student, West Midlands ranked as one of the most budget-friendly university cities in the UK, with average monthly living costs of only £832. This offers students an opportunity to make the most of their finances without sacrificing the fun. From reasonable rent prices for cosy student accommodations to pocket-friendly food and drink options, Leicester makes it easier for students to strike a perfect balance between academics and leisure. In fact, Leicester ranks as the third most affordable city in the UK for the cost of living. 

Whether you’re seeking intellectual challenges, exciting social outings, or a nurturing community, Leicester has it all. So, get ready to embrace a city that offers the perfect blend of affordability, diversity, and opportunity, promising you a student experience like no other. Welcome to Leicester – your home away from home!

University of Leicester student accommodation 

When it comes to student accommodation in Leicester, rent plays a significant role in shaping the housing dilemma. As students, it’s essential to carefully analyse average rent prices for various housing options. This involves comparing the advantages and disadvantages of on-campus and off-campus living arrangements to find the most suitable fit. In Leicester, rent costs average at about £528 per month. In context with the rest of the UK, Leicester’s rent costs are middling— outshone by cheaper properties up North, but it’s nowhere near as expensive as London! 

Student budgeting

Considering the most cost-effective way of student living, all-inclusive student accommodation stands out as a financially savvy choice. These packages offer students the luxury of a single fixed monthly payment covering not just their rent but also crucial expenses such as utility bills and internet services. Moreover, our all-inclusive accommodation goes above and beyond, providing freshly cleaned spaces, crisp linens, and even regular waste collection, ensuring a neat and tidy environment for study and relaxation. Superfast Wi-Fi, a fully equipped gym, wellness spas, and PlayStation are all at your fingertips, complemented by a fully equipped kitchen and en-suite bedroom. Even better, there are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises, making budgeting simpler and more predictable. It’s a win-win situation where students can save money while enjoying hotel-like services in a stress-free living experience.

Cost of food

Leicester, like a lot of cities, has a whole range of choices when it comes to places to eat where you don’t have to break the bank. For students on a budget, the city offers a range of pocket-friendly dining spots that are popular among the student community. The bustling Leicester Market remains a go-to destination for fresh and affordable produce, while eateries like Gilly’s Sandwich Bar and La Maison Cafe offer tasty yet cost-effective meals. On average, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Leicester will set you back around £15, which is a good fiver less than extortionate London prices and bang on the national average cost

Plus, Leicester students spend the least on food out of all students in the country — only £13 (excluding the occasional takeaway lapse!). 

For those seeking more extravagant dining experiences, Leicester also boasts upscale options that promise exquisite culinary journeys. San Carlo is a renowned Italian restaurant that caters to fine dining enthusiasts, while The Case offers a sophisticated and innovative dining experience with a focus on contemporary British cuisine. 

Student checking price of goods at the supermarket

Balancing the budget

Managing bills efficiently is a crucial aspect of student life in Leicester, but how much are they on average? For privately rented accommodation, students should budget around £60 for essential bills like electricity, water, gas, internet — and of course, the monthly Netflix subscription. But, if you’re staying in university accommodation or luxury accommodation like our Study Inn location found in Reynard House, utility bills are all-inclusive. 

All-inclusive bills are highly advantageous for several reasons. With one fixed monthly payment covering rent, utilities, internet, and sometimes cleaning, students benefit from predictable expenses and simplified financial planning. There are no hidden costs, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Additionally, access to on-site amenities like gyms and study spaces saves money on external memberships, reducing stress and allowing students to focus on their studies and social life.

Cost of living in Leicester: the social aspect

Leicester University offers a variety of budget-friendly social activities and student deals that cater to all interests. From themed nights at local pubs to student-led events on campus, there are plenty of options for affordable and enjoyable social gatherings. Fancy a cold, frosty pint? The average price for a pint in Leicester will set you back around £4.25, making it 25p less than the national average of £4.50. For a decent night out, head over to Mosh for the cheapest drink offers (starting at £1.50!) or The Basement for retro throwbacks to 80s pop or classic hip hop. Leicester also has convenient student transport deals for bus tickets, with the discounted fare being 30% lower than the average adult fare. 

Students enjoying a pint of beer

Leicester University offers an impressive range of student benefits. The UPAY quick payment system allows for easy purchases with a 5% loyalty value earned on every £1 spent, redeemable for various items. Look out for the “No tricks up our sleeve” branded cup sleeve at any outlet for £5 and get your first drink free, then a 15p discount for future purchases. Discounted hot drinks reduce disposable cup usage, so you get an incentive to be more sustainable. The free TOTUM digital student discount card provides access to numerous brand discounts. An early bird gym membership costs just £150, though we have a gym at Reynard House which won’t cost you any extra. Joining fees for academic societies are removed or subsidised, while academic schools organise free events. The campus hosts numerous free events, including the Residence Life program and Let’s Do Leicester sports sessions. The Attenborough Arts Centre offers free exhibitions, craft workshops, and discounted tickets. An opportunities and inclusion fund provides additional financial support for sports and arts activities. Students can also explore the city and discover fun, free things to do. Leicester University ensures an enriching and affordable experience.

Private student accommodation in Leicester

While traditional housing may require students to handle various bills separately, Study Inn’s all-inclusive approach eliminates the need for managing multiple expenses. With all-inclusive arrangements, students pay a single, fixed monthly amount that covers rent, utilities, internet, and other essential expenses. This simplifies financial planning, ensuring predictable monthly costs for the duration of their stay.

Study Inn Leicester student accommodation building, Reynard House
Study Inn Leicester

By avoiding surprise expenses and hidden fees, students can better manage their budgets and allocate funds for other essential aspects of university life. We take care of all your needs, eliminating the hassle of additional charges for kitchen and bedroom essentials or room servicing. Enjoy a fully furnished room with an ensuite shower room, bedding, and towels, all included in the package. Our regular professional room and communal areas cleaning service come at no extra cost, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment. And, you’ll find a smart TV in your room, as well as all the necessary kitchen utensils, making your stay easy and convenient. With utility bills also covered, Study Inn’s all-inclusive service provides you with everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable living experience.

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