By Study Inn

If you’ve opted to stay in student accommodation in Nottingham, you have picked one of the most exciting and bustling university cities in the UK. Nottingham is the second largest city in the East Midlands after Leicester, and is known for its friendly, lively atmosphere. Here is an idea of a few things the city has to offer during your university years!

The Oldest Pub in England

While the oldest pub in England is a hotly disputed topic, many will vehemently defend the beloved Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem as the most ancient public house in the land.  Built into the rocks below Nottingham Castle, the pub has been serving up great beer and food since 1189! This is a great, interesting place to relax after a hard day of studying for exams.

Great Nightlife

If you’ve already booked your student accommodation in Nottingham, then you’ve probably heard of the amazing clubs and bars the city has to offer. Whether you prefer high-class cocktail bars, cheesy nightclubs, gigs or raves, this East Midlands city has it all. Clubs such as Oceana, The I-Club, The Lacehouse and Stealth all offer great student nights, whatever your taste in music. Nottingham is also a hub for great live music, with many renowned bands and artists having played her. Rock City is one of the most respected venues for alternative music in the country, and hundreds of great bands have played there over the years.

Go See Batman’s House

If you are in the mood for something a bit more relaxing than hitting the town, then Nottingham has way more to offer than bars and pubs. For instance, Nottingham plays host to the historic Wollaton Park, which is a local institution and has two museums, a golf course and a host of music and food festivals. The park also has Batman’s house from The Dark Knight Rises, also known as Wollaton Hall, which is an impressive sight for movie lovers.

Explore the Underground

For history lovers, Nottingham castle, a 17th century ducal mansion, stands high above the city on Castle Rock. Underneath are the medieval caves, which are open to the public to explore. The City of Caves is a unique, relatively cheap day out that is great for change of pace than the rest of Nottingham. Although, as Nottingham has previously been voted as Britain’s most haunted city, don’t be surprised if you bump into a ghost or two.

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