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As a university student living on a tight budget you may be thinking about finding yourself a part-time student job to bring in a bit of extra money alongside your student loans. However, the conventional list of part-time student jobs like working in retail or fast food might not sound particularly exciting to you.

We understand that these jobs aren’t for everyone, so we’ve put together this list of five part-time jobs for students that you’ll actually enjoy.

1 – Online selling

Online selling is something that everybody can have a go at nowadays, and with so many different platforms available to advertise on with no upfront costs, it has never been easier to get started. This is great work for any student to have a go at as it is completely flexible and can be worked around your lectures.

The beauty of this work is the ability to sell anything you want online. If you’re into fashion why not create a Depop store selling vintage clothes, street wear or any of your unwanted clothing. You could open a craft store on Etsy if you’re the artistic type, or perhaps even look into the Dropshipping business model if you don’t have any products to sell upfront.

Online selling is a flexible line of work that allows you to make an extra income around your lectures without too much time commitment; a perfect low-stress job for students with busy schedules.

2 – Temp work

Temp work is a brilliant choice for students who like diversity and would prefer to try out different lines of work rather than go to the same place for every shift. There are lots of temp agencies that you can sign up to that will pair you with businesses offering temporary work placements. Temp work offers a lot of variety in the work you’ll be carrying out and almost every shift will provide you with a new experience which keeps it interesting and enjoyable.

You will probably be able to find a temp work agency in your local area and if not you’ll definitely find some online that you can sign up with to start finding work.

3 – Event promotion

As a university student you have access to a huge market that businesses like clubs and bars want to target every single day. Many clubs, bars or event managers will look to find student ambassadors and promoters to spread the word about their events in exchange for commissions. Work in event promotion can include selling tickets face to face, sharing adverts and inviting people to the events using social media.

Event promotion work can be suitable for students who are interested in the field of marketing; it can boost your skills and provide you with some valuable work experience and contacts. To find work promoting events, consider dropping by local clubs and bars to see if they are looking for a student ambassador. This can be a very fun job for students who like to get out there and interact.

4 – Dog walking

The ideal job for animal lovers – Why not have a go at dog walking? You’d be surprised by how many people will pay you to take their dogs out on a stroll; a lot of people have busy schedules and sometimes don’t have time to walk their dogs so there’s business there if you are able to provide the service!

To find work dog walking you can ask people that you know if they are interested in your services, and check online for adverts on websites like Indeed, and other job finding sites.

5 – Childminding

Childminding isn’t for everybody, but if you’re good with kids and it’s something you’re interested in then there is good money to be made. Many working parents need someone to pick up their kids from school and look after them until they finish for the day, and with your flexible university timetable you can cater to this market by offering childminding services.

You’ll find plenty of ads online for part time childminding work and you can apply for those roles that work around your uni timetable; you could also announce your offering on Facebook or other social media platforms to help you find work.

Balancing work with university studies

When looking for a part time job to take on you should always remember the importance of balancing your work with your studies. University can be hard work at times and working too much alongside your course may leave you feeling stressed out. Make sure you don’t over work yourself and always take some time to relax within your busy schedule.

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