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As a university student you’ll likely be living on a tight budget and you’ll want to stretch your money as far as it will go. A tight budget doesn’t have to mean stress though, with the right money management you’ll be able to get by fine!

We’ve put together this list of money saving tips for students to help you save money at uni and enjoy student life stress-free.

Budget yourself

The first and most important step for saving money as a student is to create a budget for yourself. When you get some money from your student loans or work, write down all of your expenses and put money aside for them, then divide your remaining money by how many weeks it’ll be until you get paid next and set it aside.

Each week you can then just use the money you’ve set aside, keeping track of your spending and making sure you have enough to get by!

Do a cost effective weekly shop

If you’re living on your own or with friends in student accommodation, a great way to keep costs down is to do a cost effective weekly shop for your groceries and household products. Rather than going out for dinner all the time or buying meals individually, you can buy all of your food at the start of each week and prepare food yourself to save money.

You’d surprised how much money you can save by preparing your own meals instead of spending on food out and about

Take advantage of student discounts

Many companies provide discounts to students, which allows you to get your hands on everything from clothes to your morning coffee at a better price than usual. Lots of students forget to take advantage of these deals or simply can’t be bothered, but the savings you can make by taking advantage of student discounts where you can are well worth it!

Get a travel pass

Investing in a travel pass can save you a lot of money in the long run, public transport prices are forever on the rise and the costs can stack up if pay individual fares on every journey you take. A travel pass can cut costs dramatically if you use public transport often, so it’s something to consider purchasing if you use trains or buses to commute to university/elsewhere often.

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Hopefully you’ve found some useful tips in this article on saving money as a student to help you get through university life without the stress of money troubles.  As long as you manage your money effectively you shouldn’t have any difficulties getting by and enjoying a great student living experience!

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