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Study Inn is the proud provider of luxurious boutique student accommodation all around the UK. We have student apartment centres in many major cities including Loughborough, Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter Leeds and Leicester – all fully equipped with wonderful student facilities, private luxury en suite bedrooms, and all of the amenities you could need to enjoy student life to the full.

We’re proud of our student accommodation, so we’ve put together this list to show you some of the many reasons why you’ll love staying at Study Inn. Read on to find out more!

1) Luxury Fully Equipped Interiors

The moment you walk into a Study Inn student accommodation centre you’ll be met with a sense of luxury. The receptions, hallways and shared student lounges are beautifully decorated and furnished, and the private student apartments come fully equipped with everything you could need to enjoy student life in luxury and comfort; including study areas, kitted out kitchenettes, televisions, en suite bathrooms and more!

2) All Utility Bills Included

When you stay at Study Inn, all of your utility bills are included within the cost of your student apartment lease. This means your expenditures stay transparent and you won’t be landed with extra costs for electricity and water, which is extremely ideal when living on a tight budget as a student. Each and every one of our student accommodation centres also benefits from free superfast wifi; keeping you connected and offering instant internet access for studying, gaming or surfing the web.

3) Helpful Staff Services

Study Inn has a friendly staff team at every one of its student accommodation facilities, providing helpful regular room cleaning services to all residents, taking some of the stress away from you and making student life that little bit more relaxed. At Study Inn you’ll receive waste removal services, access to an I.T helpline and in-house residence maintenance services. Our team will even deliver post directly to your door!

4) On-Site Student Facilities

Each of our student accommodation centres is designed differently, but we make sure to offer wonderful student facilities within every one of our student apartment buildings around the UK. Throughout our student accommodation centres, you’ll find wonderful facilities including fully fitted gyms, TV lounges & cinema rooms, study areas and meeting rooms, ping pong tables and more; making for many hours of entertainment with friends and other students!

5) Prime Locations

Study Inn’s student apartment buildings are all situated in prime locations within major cities around the UK. We understand that – as a student – it’s important to be within a convenient distance of your chosen university campus, and having a centralised location within the heart of a city means you have a whole world of entertainment on your doorstep, and you’ll never be short of things to do.

Some cities have a number of Study Inn buildings to choose from, giving you the decision upon where you’ll be within the city!

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These are just a few of the many reasons why you’ll love staying at Study Inn, if you want to find a full list of our services and offerings then see what’s included!

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