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Summer is coming up which means many Nottingham university students – whether on a mid-study break or at the end of a course – are going to have a lot of spare time on their hands. If you’re going to be hanging around in Nottingham for a while before going home for the summer you’ll probably want a few things to do to keep yourself occupied, and one thing you could do is visit the 2017 Nottingham Autokarna!

What Is The Nottingham Autokarna?

The Nottingham Autokarna is an event that takes place every year. It’s a huge automobile event showcasing hundreds of different vintage cars, motorbikes and buses and other commercial vehicles, and it provides a brilliant free day out for all, including Nottingham students like you!

What Can You Expect From Nottingham Autokarna?

In recent years the Nottingham Autokarna has expanded and it now incorporates the Crowd Pullers Motor Show – so you can expect even more out of your visit to the Autokarna!

At the event you can expect to find a massive variety of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles to take a look at from a whole range of different eras and – thanks to the incorporation of the Crowd Pullers Motor Show – the latest models from a number of marques and motor manufacturers.

There’s a classic auto-jumble with thousands of different rare and vintage car and bike parts and accessories for sale, along with a number of different food and drink outlets, shop stalls and even an afternoon band stall – so you can stay entertained all day through.

Visiting The Nottingham Autokarna

We understand that the majority of Nottingham university students will be living with a very tight budget, but the Nottingham Autokarna is absolutely free to enter so you can have a great day out without even spending a penny. To make matters even better, the Nottingham Autokarna is situated in Wollaston Park, which – by train – is less than half-an-hour away from the Study Inn Nottingham student lets and even less by car or bicycle!

Find more information and directions for the Nottingham Autokarna today.

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