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Have you decided you’re going to be staying in this Halloween? Well even if you don’t fancy heading out to an event and you’d rather relax in the comfort of your student apartment, there’s a whole bunch of things you could get up to in order to have a brilliant Halloween evening.

Read on to find a quick list of fun activities that you could have a go at this Halloween and have a brilliant, memorable time from the comfort of your student home.

Bake Some Halloween Themed Treats

If you’re staying in but you don’t want to miss out on the Halloween fun, then why not have a go at baking some Halloween themed treats for you and your friends.

Invite some friends over, get some ingredients together and see what you can make! From Witch-Finger Cookies to Truffle Spiders, there are tonnes of recipes for Halloween-themed treats on the internet so have a browse around, or get creative and see what spooky treats you can conjure up yourself.

Having friends over for a night of baking and making Halloween treats will be fun and memorable and will be sure to get you in the spirit of the spooky holiday.

Watch Some Scary Movies & Shows

What better way to wind down on the evening than by taking a seat and watching a movie or some television shows. Halloween doesn’t need to be any different.

If you’re looking for the most relaxed way to enjoy your Halloween evening, then grab some popcorn, invite a couple friends over and spend the night having a scary movie marathon. Whether you want to binge watch a spooky television series, or simply watch some horror classics, there’s no better way to enjoy Halloween from the comfort of your sofa.

Play Your Scariest Video Games

Grab your scariest video games and some snacks, turn down the lights and buckle down for a night of scary video games!  The best part is, you don’t have to play alone. Make an evening of it by having some friends around to play video games with you to make the evening even more exciting.

Do Some Halloween Crafts

If you fancy doing something a bit more hands on then why not have a go at some Halloween crafts. There are hundreds of Halloween craft ideas on the internet that you can get some inspiration from. You could have a go at making some decorations for your accommodation, or if you’re feeling up to it you could even have a go at making a Halloween costume ready for any events you have coming up, or even next year’s Halloween!

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Hopefully now you have found a bit of inspiration on some fun things to do this Halloween if you’re spending the night at home. If you want to find any more useful tips for making student life that little bit easier and more relaxed, then visit our social page and find many more interesting articles designed to make student living as trouble free as possible!

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