By Study Inn

Being a student is a unique time in your life: new experiences, emotional ups and downs and, more often than not, a few stories to tell. Over the past 10 years there’s been an explosion of ‘confessions pages’, where school and university students can go to anonymously post secrets, gossip and random thoughts about their community.

While Facebook admins keep busy moderating their confessions pages, so no lines are crossed, on the whole they are great places to check out for a quick laugh.

With this in mind we thought we should take a look at the ‘best confessions’ to come out of Study Inn’s favourite university locations!

So, in no particular order, here are the 15 funniest university confessions for your viewing pleasure:

University of Leeds Confessions – LeedsFess

It seems Elon Musk is a bit like the Marmite of mega-mega rich entrepreneurs. It’s not hard to guess which side of “love it” and “hate it” this confessor can be found on!

TokTik or TikTok, this confessor is clearly not a fan – for surprisingly personal reasons!

Points for effort with this niche attempt to get the girl. But maybe go easy on the Dad talk.

Wow! Do not mess with this confessor. Who knows what their reaction might be if you were to really cross them.

University of Leicester Confessions – LeicFess

This entry is not just a confession, but it also doubles up as a very helpful warning. If you’re walking by Queens Road, watch out for public displays of intimacy!

Our sympathies with this confessor. Sometimes you just really need to take your mind off things.

University of Exeter Confessions – ExeFess

This is indeed a ‘what on earth’ moment! Is it really possible to not know that Star Wars and Star Trek are different things?

Surely if you want a new toothbrush, you don’t want one that belongs to someone else? Eurghh!

Loughborough University Confessions

This confessor makes an amusing observation. It makes you wonder if there’s more to this story of engineer vs architect conflict at uni.

A good life lesson learned, never show off in the gym unless you’re absolutely capable of pulling it off.

University of Nottingham Confessions – The NottsFessional

Who knew that biological warfare was the biggest concern from the recent ‘Storm Eunice’! Hopefully this isn’t the typical diet of a university student in Nottingham

Here we see one of the age-old questions of university: who wins the battle between revision and procrastination?

University of Bristol Confessions – Bristruths

Where can you start with a confession like this? It’s a great example of how easy it is to put your foot in it (and end up wishing you were anywhere else but in this conversation).

A classic example of the type of argument that nearly all students have had at some stage in their experience of sharing accommodation at university.

Finally, we think this is a spaghetti incident many students can identify with. But don’t worry, you won’t be writing essays forever!