By Study Inn

It’s that wonderful time of the year – December is almost upon us and Christmas is just around the corner!

If you are going to be celebrating Christmas this year, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t brighten up your room and bring some festive spirit into your student room with some beautiful Christmas decorations.

So what should you bring into your student room this winter to create a touch of Christmas spirit?

Add Trees, Lights, Tinsel and Garlands

The easiest and arguably the most fun way to decorate your room for Christmas is with traditional decorations. Grab your trees, tinsel, garlands and lights and get to work on bringing a touch of Christmas into your student apartment.

Get A Christmas Tree

A beautiful tree brings a wonderful feeling of Christmas spirit into a room and acts as the staple decoration for a festive student flat. Christmas trees can be decorated with absolutely any lights, baubles and tinsel that you want, allowing you to bring your student apartment to life with a brilliant Christmas tree.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are affordable and readily available to buy in many stores during the winter time. They’re also great for bringing a feeling of Christmas into your student room while remaining relatively easy to set up and pack away, providing a little touch of magic to your student accommodation with absolutely minimal hassle.

Tinsel and Garlands

Tinsel and garlands can be placed anywhere around your accommodation room to bring a bit of glitz and Christmas magic. Line tinsel over curtain rails and wrap it round your Christmas tree, lay garlands across your desks and kitchen surfaces. The simple addition of tinsel and garland to your room can make a rather dramatic change to the atmosphere of your room.

Replace Household Items With Christmas Themed Counterparts

You don’t always have to bring in loads of Christmas decorations to make your room feel festive. Some everyday household items can be swapped out for Christmas-themed replacements during the festive winter season.

Get Some Christmas Bedding

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to give your student room a festive makeover. Christmas themed bedding, mattress covers and pillow cases are available from a huge number of places over Christmas, in a variety of bright, festive colours and designs – having a huge impact on the atmosphere of your student apartment.  

Christmas Crockery

Inexpensive Christmas plates and cups are available in just about every home ware store over the holidays, so why not pop in to a shop near you and pick yourself up a brand new set of festive Christmas crockery. This will have your kitchen looking the part, and will get you into the Christmas spirit every time you sit down for dinner!

Decorate Your Home For The Christmas Season!

Hopefully you’ve found some brilliant ideas for decorating your student accommodation within this article. If you want to give your room a wonderful festive feel, then get your decorations and get creative!

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