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At Green Tourism we feel it’s fine if you embrace your inner hippy, however we don’t expect that of everyone. If you are on holiday or even at home all we ask is that you think a little more about your choices and take a few steps to a more sustainable life.

Purchase free range food

Live like a local

Good local food and crafts helps to enhance the holiday and create a sense of place. Look out for farmers markets, shops and restaurants that are selling local crafts, meat, fish, fruit, cheeses, and preserves. This will help out local producers as well as enhance your holiday.

Use public transport

Roads are getting busier and busier so taking at least a day per week without the car can reduce congestion and emissions. Bargains can be made on public transport by booking in advance while the journey can be more relaxing, comfortable and scenic for long journeys. If you are using a car, consider donating to a carbon offset scheme.

Recycle your waste

Minimise waste

When on holiday relaxing you deserve more luxury and perhaps a few more bottles of wine than usual. Take a minute to find out how the recycling system works in the destination. It will likely be slightly different to what you are used to, however spending an extra few moments can help to reduce landfill in the area.

Conserve water

Be efficient

‘Turning off and turning down’. Think about your energy and water use wherever you go. If you don’t need it turn it off, if the flow is too high turn it down. Resources are scarce in every destination and everyone thinking a little more responsibly can ultimately keep holiday costs down and ensure there is plenty to go around for everyone.

Plant a tree

Give something back

Many destinations offer a Visitor Payback Scheme where your donation can directly improve conservation in the area, such as maintain important plant and animal species or pathway improvement works.

Respect your environment

Maintain the landscape; leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs, kill nothing but time. Take all rubbish home with you and make sure to follow the countryside code.

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Look out for Green Tourism businesses

There are a wide range of business types throughout the country, each graded BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. Each one has made a commitment to sustainable practices and has been verified by a Green Tourism assessor. Visiting these businesses is a good way to support the businesses that are having less of an impact on the destination.

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