By Study Inn

It’s that time of year again; most students have already headed off to university and those who haven’t soon will. So as the start of a new academic year comes around, it’s time for students to settle into the new student year, and their new university accommodation.

Jumping Into Uni Life

University is an amazing experience, but for all first time university students moving away from home to study (in many cases far away from home) can feel like a lot to take on. During this period of time you will have moved into your new student accommodation where you’ll have much more independence and responsibility, which may be difficult to get used to.

The first few weeks of uni life can seem hectic and rather overwhelming, but once you’re settled in to your student accommodation you’ll feel right at home, and you can focus on all of the brilliant excitement to come through your time at your studies.

Helping You To Settle Into Student Life

If you have travelled away from home to move into your new student accommodation you may be feeling a little homesick, but it’s important to remember that you haven’t left home behind forever, and you’ll have many opportunities to return home to visit family throughout your time at university.

The best way to settle into your new student life is to let the nerves slip away and look ahead at all of the great times to come throughout your university experience.

Here are some tips to settling into your new student accommodation:

  • Socialise – When you move into your new student accommodation you may not know anybody, which might make you feel a little nervous and possibly even homesick. The best way to get past this is to socialise with other accommodation residents and university student and make some friends; this’ll make you feel much more at home.
  • Stay Organised – When you move into student accommodation you become very independent. There’s no one there to cook and wash your clothes for you, so these responsibilities – as well as many others – will fall into your hands. Staying organised reduces stress massively and makes it much easier to go about your days with a relaxed state of mind.
  • Personalise Your Room – Your student accommodation building will have all of the basic furnishings that you require and may be decorated to some extent, but as long as you don’t make any irreversible changes to your student accommodation there’s no harm in adding a touch of personalisation to your student apartment. Bringing some personality to your student accommodation will make your room feel much more homely, helping you to settle in quicker.

Choosing Study Inn

If you haven’t set off for your studies yet and you’re struggling to choose a student accommodation provider for your time at university, there’s no better choice than Study Inn.

We offer luxurious boutique student apartments at affordable prices, and with regular cleaning services and friendly staff members on hand to help at all times, you’ll have no problem settling in.

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