By Study Inn

Summer is one of the most exciting times of your university life, as you are free from the constraints of lectures, libraries and exams and have a few months to dedicate to your interests outside of education. Whilst this might be one of the most carefree times of your degree, moving out of student accommodation for the summer can be one of the most stressful. All off the stuff you’ve built up over the past year needs to be packed up and moved, all while everyone else wants to go out and celebrate the end of term. Here a few things to remember when moving out of your student halls or student housing.

Make a List

There will be a lot of stuff to organise when you come to pack everything up, which can become confusing. Confusion can lead to disasters involving leaving stuff behind and losing valuable possessions. The best way to avoid this is to be super organised and make a list of everything you own a few nights before you need to pack everything up. Making a checklist like this can help you keep track of where everything is and mean you won’t end up panicking when you can’t find your playstation controller when you get home.

Make Arrangements Early

Don’t leave it till the last minute to ask your parents if they can pick you up and transport all your stuff halfway across the country. Make sure you have sorted out a way to get your stuff out of you student accommodation and back home well before you need to do it. If you can’t find a way to move your stuff, and are returning to your Uni in September, there are many student storage options available, that will securely look after your belongings for the duration of the summer.

Throw Everything out You Don’t Need

It is amazing the amount of junk you accumulate in just one year of student living. Instead of trying to cram it all in your Mom’s car and praying the boot will close, actually try and get rid of some of it. Really think about what you will need next year, because it will most likely be a lot less than you think. Don’t be scared to throw stuff away, it will make everything a lot easier when you come to move it.

Leave Everything How You Found It

Lots of students worry about getting their deposits back, but the truth of the matter is that if everything looks the same as when you moved in, you should be fine and get the full amount back. If you have caused quite a mess, it might be a good idea to use a professional cleaning service. This could end up being cheaper than losing out on your deposit.

Choose Study Inn

As Study Inn offers all-inclusive rooms, with all the facilities you could need, this makes moving out a lot easier. As you are provided with everything you could need for student life, such as bed linen, towels, furniture, kitchen ware, Television and Games consoles, you won’t need to pack away half of your stuff once you move out for the summer. This gives you way more time actually enjoy your summer hassle free and not have to worry about lugging around massive amounts of your belongings, which is a great benefit for many international students.

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