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As a large city with two universities, Nottingham is a vibrant and exciting location for new students. With an estimated student population of 65,000 shared between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent, Nottingham has a lot to offer. 

Moving to a new city can be daunting and finding somewhere to live that balances affordability with convenience is not always easy. This article will help new students in Nottingham to learn about one of the most popular student locations in the city, Lenton.

One of the streets in Lenton, Nottingham
Lenton, Nottingham

Prime location

Originally, Lenton was a separate village on the outskirts and only became part of Nottingham in 1877 when boundaries were redrawn. Today Lenton remains largely residential and populated with nineteenth century houses – but crucially, within minutes of both universities, the city centre and Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital.

Black and white photo of the old Lenton Village in Nottingham
Old Lenton Village in Nottingham

With bike-sharing schemes and excellent public transport, Lenton promotes eco-friendly transportation options, reducing the carbon footprint of its residents.

A huge benefit for students is Lenton’s position within walking distance of both the University of Nottingham (13 minutes) and Nottingham Trent University (30 minutes). Nottingham Train Station is also nearby, just 1.7 miles away. Lenton also has a stop on the Nottingham Express Transit tram service, making it very accessible for students without cars.

Nottingham is already one of the most affordable cities for students, and by choosing to live outside the centre, students will find that living in Lenton will help to reduce costs further without having to compromise on access to the heart of the city.

Accommodation in Lenton

Lenton’s student accommodation options cater to all preferences and budgets, with many located in the Lenton Triangle – where Ilkeston Road (apartments), Derby Road (terraced houses) and Lenton Boulevard meet.

For those seeking luxury, security and convenience, Study Inn’s Triumph House offers all-inclusive private accommodation, with studios and apartments located on Triumph Road – within the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus. Our second Nottingham location, Talbot Street, is located just moments from Nottingham Trent University.


As a student hotspot, it is no surprise that Lenton’s local arts scene is vibrant, with venues like Lakeside Arts and the Djanogly Gallery offering a range of cultural experiences from visual arts to theatre productions, so there is always something new to discover.

The Savoy Cinema is a historic landmark that offers a unique cinematic experience, while The area’s nightlife caters to all tastes. Popular venues like The Ropewalk and The Organ Grinder are student favourites, offering a mix of live music, themed nights, and social events.

Nottingham Savoy cinema exterior shot
Savoy cinema, Nottingham

Nottingham has held Purple flag accreditation since 2010, demonstrating that the city encourages diversity and promotes the safety of visitors and residents alike, helping to make Nottingham one of the best student nights out in the country. While Lenton is more residential by comparison, the close proximity and good transport links mean students living in Lenton can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you need some fresh air, Lenton’s green spaces like Lenton Recreation Ground and the nearby Arboretum provide perfect spots for exercise and sports, picnics, or simply relaxing in the sun.

Food and socialising

Lenton’s culinary offerings are a testament to its diversity. Ranging from the budget-friendly eateries on Lenton Boulevard to the upscale dining experiences at restaurants like The Walton, there’s something for every palate.

With countless cafes, pubs, and community spaces, Lenton is a hub for student networking and socialising. Places like The Johnson Arms, the Rose and Crown and the Three Wheatsheaves are some of the most popular pubs in the area.

Prefer to study over a coffee? Try Avocafe or the Crocus Cafe – a highly rated spot for affordable food and a range of vegan and vegetarian options.

Academic life

Lenton is not just about providing a place to stay; it’s about offering a supportive environment for all aspects of student life. Libraries and study centres like the Jubilee Campus Library provide excellent academic resources, while wellness centres and counselling services ensure students’ mental and physical health is cared for.

Exterior shot of the  University of Nottingham Jubilee campus library, taken at night
Jubilee Campus Library, Nottingham

The close proximity to both universities means students in Lenton have easy access to a wide array of clubs and societies. These range from sports teams to cultural groups, offering opportunities to pursue interests and hobbies. The Festival of Science & Curiosity also takes place in February, bringing a range of entertainment and events to Nottingham each year.

Lenton’s relationship with the universities also enhances the educational experience for student residents. Regular academic events, guest lectures, and workshops are commonplace, providing students with additional learning opportunities outside the classroom. Access to university research facilities has encouraged student involvement in cutting-edge research and innovation projects. This has not only helped to enhance their academic experience, but also helped them to prepare for their future careers. This exciting relationship is helping Lenton to become a true hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Make your move

Lenton continues to evolve, with ongoing development projects aimed at enhancing student living. New housing, improved amenities and community spaces are continually being developed to meet the growing needs of the student population. Lenton is now more than just a student area; it’s a vibrant, diverse, and supportive community that enhances every aspect of student life.

If you are a student preparing to move to Nottingham, contact us to find out more about our two luxurious private student accommodations, Talbot Street and Triumph House.