By Study Inn

Nottingham students ready up! The Festival of Science & Curiosity is returning this month, providing countless things to do in Nottingham. With many different events and brilliant free entertainment throughout the city – from a tribute show to David Bowie, to in-depth science talks and demonstrations – this year’s Festival of Science & Curiosity provides days of fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

A Great Week For Nottingham Students To Learn and Have Fun

If you’re a Nottingham university student and you’re looking for something to do, we recommend you check out this brilliant festival. It begins on the 8th February and plays all the way through until the 15th – so there’s plenty of time to explore.

With so much to see and do you’ll be sure to learn something, and you’ll undoubtedly have some fun along the way. It’s not all about learning however, if you’ve got a fair amount of scientific knowledge and you’d like to share what you know with others, the Festival of Science & Curiosity lets you do just that.

Something For Everyone

Whether you’re looking to share your own scientific knowledge, learn something new, visit interesting entertainment or play Worms at the NVA, there really is a bit of everything at the Festival of Science & Curiosity this year.   

From Nottingham Light Night – an evening in which the city is painted by mesmerising lights, to the Science of Taste event – a science Cafe with an on-hand expert to answer all of your questions, and even the chance to play video games with hundreds of others, this year’s Festival of Science & Curiosity provides everyone – including you Nottingham students – with a week full of fun and educational activities.

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