By Study Inn

y now, you should know what university you are going to be study at. Hopefully, you should have also sorted out your student accommodation; preferably with Study Inn and our luxury student studios if you are studying in Loughborough, Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds or Leicester! You only have a few weeks left till Fresher’s week starts and you might be anxious about what to expect. This can be made worse by all the myths that surround university life. With university becoming such an important time in many people’s lives due to it often being a student’s first proper taste of independence, it can be built up as something more than it is. Here are a few misconceptions about the first year of studying for your degree.

Great Student Accommodation Doesn’t Exist  

This may have been true ten to twenty years ago, when the reality of student halls was radically different. Tiny, shabby single rooms may have been prevalent in the student housing of the past, but times have moved forward. Study Inn features modern, clean, spacious student rooms equipped with everything you’ll need for student living. With our student accommodation large social areas, including games consoles and table tennis tables, the stereotype of being stuffed in a tiny student room for the duration of your first year has long been dispelled.

First Year Studies Don’t Matter

For many courses, your results in the first year don’t count towards your final grade and you only need 40% in your total mark to move onto second year. This might seem that all the work you do in the first year doesn’t matter that much and you might hear a few people saying this. This is simply not true. The idea that you only have to work hard enough to pass could be damaging to your following years in university. The first year gives you massive amounts of information that will serve as vital building blocks for your studies over the next few years. Just doing enough work to pass will severely limit how well you do at the end of your degree.

Drinking is The Only Way to Have Fun

The common image of a student is someone who drinks all night and sleeps all day. However, this isn’t for everyone. With freshers and a lot of social events being centred on alcohol, it can seem that this the only thing students do for fun. Although if drinking isn’t for you, don’t feel as though you will be left out. If you get stuck into your universities different societies and clubs, as well as everything your new city has to offer, you’ll find way more to do than just going out and getting drunk!

Everything is Online

With technology in education changing vastly over the past few years, it might seem believable to think that everything can learn online. This might encourage you to miss that 9am lecture and just wake up a bit later and research everything on the internet. If you do this, you will miss out on crucial key points. Lecturer’s often key information out in their lessons that can’t be found elsewhere and, more often than not, this will be included in the exams. Missing out on this could make you miss out on a big portion of marks.

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