By Study Inn

Apart from starting a new course in your journey towards gaining new skills and working towards a new career, starting university can also be a life changing experience.  For most young people, it will be their first taste of living away from home.  It is a transition from living at home during the college years towards living away and being independent.

The thought of this transition is daunting since it is new and there may be some concerns or uncertainties.  It is an issue Study Inn is aware of and understands.

However, 2020’s fresh influx of students have something else to contend with: the ongoing difficulties caused by coronavirus. While lockdown in the strictest sense has now been lifted, the goverment continues to urge caution, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

At Study Inn, this is something we take very seriously. We have always had a strong commitment to the health, happiness, and wellbeing of our students, and this is more important now than it has ever been before.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on moving into one of our BristolLoughboroughExeterNottinghamLeicester or Leeds student studios this September.

Study Inn’s promise to our students

At Study Inn, we’ve always looked to our student’s welfare, and with coronavirus now posing an ongoing risk, we’re taking this more seriously than ever before. In light of this, we want to assure this year’s influx of young people of three things:

  • That we remain committed to providing you with the best overall service in the sector;
  • That your health and safety are paramount to us;
  • And that we’ll be continuing to engage with our guests while still adhering to all relevant social distancing measures.

We hope that by taking this approach, we can keep all of our staff and students safe moving forward.

How we’ll be keeping you safe

If you’re planning on staying in our BristolLoughboroughExeterNottinghamLeicester or Leeds student accommodation this September, we have lots to offer you, from en-suite facilities to a supportive atmosphere and a fully private space to sleep and study.

However, what you’ll notice if you move into our accommodation this year is that as well as all of our usual great offerings, we’ll have implemented a number of additional measures to keep you safe. These include, for example, hand sanitisation stations installed throughout our buildings, as well as social distancing markers and protective equipment for our staff.

Cleaning will also be carried out with utmost care, to make sure all of our facilities meet the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation.

To find out more on ‘How Study Inn is responding to Covid-19’ you can check out our previous Covid-19 related blog or our Covid-19 video on ‘Our Safe Operating Video’ page.

Whether you’ve already received your exam results and are on your way to us or are currently going through the university clearing process, Study Inn is here to help. Why not contact us today with any questions or queries you might have? Whether you’re hoping to book a place or simply want to put your mind at rest, we’re always happy to hear from you.